Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lickety Split - Marlin Williams

   2017; 35 pages.  New Author? : No.  Genre : Suspense; Thriller; Short Story. Overall Rating : 8½*/10.

Note : This review is cross-posted from a my review for this short story at Amazon.  Hence, my standard template wasn't used.  Hamilcar.  

Lickety Split is a standalone, 35-page short story concerning Miss Coaly Banks, who at best can be described as "very full-figured". Marlin Williams blends a number of genres into the story - some terror, some suspense, and even some humor - but at its heart, this is a situational ethics story, examining what a person will do to gain, and keep, his/her fondest wish.

Coaly is, of course, the primary character, but it's fun to meet the couple other ones as well. They're all "gray" in character, and I liked that. I thought Mr. Simon was a hoot, I wouldn't mind meeting him again in some future story by the author. Structurally, the fun starts immediately, the pace is fast, and it has a Marlin Williams trademark "double-twist" ending, with a nice moral-to-the-story thrown in as a bonus.

8½ stars. Lickety Split does everything a short story should, including keeping me entertained from beginning to end.

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